• Purchase Every Man A Warrior as a set; the first three books plus the EMAW Verse Pack and save $6. Every Man A Warrior deals with the problems men confront every day. No man wants to fail, but few men feel equipped to fight the battles they face in life. Every Man A Warrior gives men the tools necessary to win these battles-- to succeed in life. # 9781612911359
  • The first nine lessons of EVERY MAN A WARRIOR develop the essential skills of discipleship. These skills include: Having a Quiet Time, Meditating on Scripture, Prayer, and Application of the Word. The Book 1 Kit includes the EMAW Verse Pack with all the course verses. *All men need to go through Book 1. The skills learned are used and applied to the topics in the next three books. # 9781612911311
  • The original eight lessons give practical help and a biblical outlook on both Marriage and Raising Children. It comes with a special emphasis on raising teenagers. These lessons have profoundly impacted the lives of men wanting to be equipped to become better husbands and fathers. Lesson Nine has been added - "Sharing the Gospel with Your Children." Sharing the Gospel message is one of the most important aspects of being a Christian; especially if it teaches you how to lead one of your children to Christ. # 9781935651239
  • Book 3 has ten lessons that bring Scriptural application to the issues of Money, Sex, Work, Going through Hard Times and Making Your Life Count. These issues will consume most of a man’s life and energy and it is essential that he succeeds. # 9781935651246
  • Pornography is everywhere and destroys the lives of men. Every Man a Pure Warrior (EMAPW) introduces a step by step process of seven principles, that when applied can set men free from enslaving sins like pornography. If you are in men’s ministry, you will need these principles to minister to men, even if porn is not your issue. This fourth book in the EMAW series takes a deep commitment, is 18 weeks long and costs $24.99. You must have gone through the first three books of the EMAW series before you do Book 4. #9780578686165
  • 30 Additional EMAW VersesThe Leader Verse Pack is an optional second set of 30 verses to help EMAW Leaders increase their skill in discipling men. For an Every Man A Warrior leader to become an “expert builder” of men, he must know key Bible verses on the issues men face. These thirty Scripture passages come from the Every Man A Warrior curriculum. As you lead the course these verses will increase your skill in discipling men and having answers to the questions they face every day. As the men in your group see you memorizing new verses, they will be motivated to do the same. The Leader Verse Pack is for men who have already memorized the first 24 selected passages in the EMAW course and want to build on that foundation.
  • The EMAW Verse Pack is included in the purchase of Book 1 of the Every Man a Warrior series. However, additional EMAW Verse Packs can be purchased. The pack consists of 24 key verse cards on the topics of: Walking with God, Marriage, Raising Children, Money, Going Through Hard Times, Sex and Moral Purity.


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